Please find some further information on the most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact our Booking Team should you wish to discuss your class or scheduling requirements further.

All of our classes our private classes, so take place at a venue of your choosing. We are dedicated to making fitting in a Yoga class as convenient as possible, so we will send one of our Yoga Teacher’s direct at your home, office, hotel or even local park (whether permitting of course!) Saving you travel time and hassle, and maximising the relaxation benefits.

Classes can be brought to any London Location, Zones 1-6.

Classes can also now be booked for Hertfordshire and Surrey, please ask our booking team, as special rates apply for these areas.

We of course love both approaches to the practice. We believe that a private class provides a different and perhaps more specialised experience, which helps to support individuals to systematically develop their practice. Classes are targeted, paced and scheduled to cater to your ability , fitness, experience, and mood. Private classes are great for beginners and more experienced practitioners alike, as the class is structured around you.
Perfect! A private class is a great place to start. Under the careful guidance and watch of your Teacher you will learn the poses from the foundations up, with plenty of time for useful adjustments and space for questions. Our Teachers are trained in several styles and fuse their knowledge and experience to create a personalised practice for you.
Yoga is traditionally a daily practice, but we will recommend a programme of classes which we feel best suits your individual requirements and goals, and of course your schedule and your budget. We tend to recommend a minimum of one class per week, to develop consistently. Generally the more committed you can be to your practice the better you will feel, so it is useful to set aside a set time for your practice. Ultimately we are here to assist and help you to grow a practice which fits into and supports your lifestyle. So your Yoga Teacher will encourage you to learn sequences which you can practice with or without us, and inspire you to practice yoga both on and off the mat.
Yes, your Teacher can bring a mat for you in their kit bag. We always recommend practising with a mat for safety and support. You may wish to look to purchasing your own, as you progress with you practice (…as this yoga stuff is strangely addictive!).
Most definitely, we offer a flat rate for our private yoga classes. So classes can be shared with up to 15 people (space permitting). A private class is perfect for sharing with family, friends or colleagues, as it means that the cost and afterglow is also shared. With our bespoke planning service we will also happy to advise on classes for events and one-off bookings, so please just ask our booking team for assistance.
Simply give us a call using the telephone number on the card, then kindly quote the YT code given on the back of your plastic card. Each Gift Card is pre-loaded with a selected number of class credits, so we will advise you on the number of class credits you have, and talk you through your booking options. We will also then guide you through a consultation so we can understand a little more about you, and your aims/preferences for you class (es). We will then begin to plan your class, and schedule the class for a time of your convenience.

Good to Know

  • Wear comfortable, light clothing.
  • Try not to practice on a full tummy, eat 2-3 hours before class.
  • Establish a good routine: practice at the same time, and on the same days of the week wherever possible.
  • Your Teacher will always check-in with you at the beginning of a class, but please always inform us of any injuries (current / previous) or conditions which may affect your practice. Female practitioners should also notify their Teacher if a class falls during their Moon Cycle, as your Teacher will be able to modify your practice accordingly.
  • We advise that you do not practice during the first trimester of pregnancy. Several of our Teachers are specifically qualified to teach pre and post natal yoga classes, so please contact us for more information and specialist programme planning.
  • Be honest with your body, work with where you are at. Remember every day is different. Be present on your mat, attentive to yourself; work your own personal edge with grace, breath and gratitude.
  • Drink plenty of water after the practice, to rehydrate and support healthy body functioning.