Our Team

Our 35 strong expert, passionate team has been hand selected and RYT trained to deliver absolute excellence, both in terms of their Yoga and anatomy knowledge as well as in their ability to relate this to the demands modern city living.

Utilising their knowledge-anatomical and energetic understanding our team create responsive classes which complement the requirements (energetically, physically, emotionally, mentally) of each client. Effectively putting the class into context, whilst addressing individual postural tendencies, and long term wellbeing objectives. Our teachers are trained to work intuitively, devising developmental sequencing with plenty of attention to the details of alignment and the benefits of hands on assists. As a friendly and experienced team we look to create a positive, relaxing and energising experience for all practitioners.

Yoga Team was founded in 2008 by Katie Sheikh. With a background in professional dance and theatre, Katie has practiced Yoga for over 15 years, and taught for 10 years. Yoga Team grew from her personal teaching practice and now has a diverse range of both private and corporate clients, and an established reputation for excellence. Exclusively specialising in Yoga, our Booking Team are also all experienced Yoga Teachers, so are on hand to advise on advise on programmes, and teacher recommendations.

Yoga Team is proud to support a range of charities each year including Cancer Research UK and Water Aid. Our beautiful kit bags are also made by a very special women’s project in India, yogamalai, which offer women the opportunity to work from home.

"Yoga is the perfect addition and antidote to the stresses of modern living. Strengthening and toning the body, the practice also works to reduce stored physical and mental tension, and centres on bringing some much needed balance to busy lives. Our intention is to create personalised, targeted classes for each client. Our classes are not only convenient but complimentary to your lifestyle, your body and your overall wellness."